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As a qualified Reiki practitioner and herbalist, I've been helping others improve their well-being for over 10 years. I'm passionate about helping people learn the power of natural healing. I regularly incorporate the use of herbs and Reiki energy healing techniques into my practice. My holistic approach to health and wellness has helped many people achieve lasting results and improved quality of life. I believe that natural healing is the best path to holistic health and I am committed to helping others reach their highest potential. 

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Thank you for this amazing session and audio file of notes. You touched on everything I was worried about and I am already feeling better. 


I feel balanced and more at peace. Thank you, Danan. This was my first experience with energy healing and now I am a believer. I will be scheduling a monthly healing session. 

Washington, D.C.

Well my friend, as someone with a high stress job, I have really needed that session. And I have listened to the audio file you sent a few times already. I get something new out of it every time I listen. Thank you so much!

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