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Buddha Basics



I've used this lesson for kids 7 and up. It's a great way to introduce kids to Buddha. After each lesson I ask the 5 Questions - based on A Thomas Jefferson Education. I find that these questions help kids put the information presented to them into perspective and teaches them to think on a deeper level.

You will need:


1. The Movie, Little Buddha (available on Netflix)


2. The Youtube series: Patch Parables 


3. A copy of The Five Questions:


       1. What is it?

       2. Why is it important?

       3. What Principles does it show?

       4. How does it connect to other things?

       5. What does it have to do with me?


Step 1 


Take the time to watch Little Buddha. You may also want to supplement the story with some YouTube animation videos of Siddharta and/or share a kid's book about the Buddha. Since this is a very basic introduction, I think the movie is enough.

Step 2 


For the next 8 days watch one Patch Parable per day and discuss the moral of each story by using the 5 Questions listed above. 

Final Thoughts


The kids enjoyed the stories presented here. We were able to discuss these stories without making it a religious study. Instead, we made it a fun discussion. We are doing Bible study as well, and this was a good way to show (in it's most basic form) another religion in a positive light. 


I'd love to hear how this assignment worked for you!

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