I believe in the transformative power of love. I believe in Gratitude. I'm just a person who is searching for the right way, and I want to learn and do the right thing while I'm here.


I was raised by amazing parents and grandparents who instilled in me a sense of trust and love. I'm a rodeo kid who still loves horses and barrel racing, and a Bama girl who somehow ended up in Nashville! I started in a single-wide trailer and wandered around quite a bit in my life - to the beach, then New Orleans.  I've been married and divorced, and in Grad school. And I've learned alot in my little trek so far. But not enough. 


The one thing I know for sure is that everything is going to be OK. Really. We're all here on this rock for a reason - mine is to share some insight and love or at least to learn something from this existence. 


Sometimes I don't know why I have this website except to share with anyone who stumbles upon it some things that have helped me. 


Some of those things have been hard truths - making me realize that I'm deeply flawed in so many ways. I'm here to try to be a better person - whatever that means. And I'm not going to stop trying to live from Love. 


God Bless You, LOVE, and Roll Tide!