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Thank God It’s Friday




Typically, Friday is all about getting your party on. It’s the end of the regular work week – a time to blow off some steam. But our Friday is way more than that. We are going to use our Friday to get in touch with our higher power.


For me, that’s God. For you that could mean the Universe, the Goddess, Allah, the Great Overlord of the Yellow Shorts – whatever – I don’t care. As long as you are experiencing some kind of spirituality, you are improving your consciousness and (as many studies show) you are probably happier.


Today is about thanking that higher power – or at least keeping in mind your own spirituality when writing down the things you appreciate. Since I believe in a creator, this exercise is very easy for me. If, for any reason you are having a hard time with the God thing, don’t skip today. Continue on with your list. Being thankful brings personal power to everyone who practices gratitude no matter what kind of spirituality they experience in their life.



Here are your assignments for the day:



  • Write down 100 things you are grateful for. This time, thank your higher power for everything you love, for everything you find beautiful, for everything created. The best prayer to God starts with “Thank You.” Today you will make 100 of these prayers.



  • Pay I Forward by helping someone in need. Jesus said that when we help the least of us we are helping him. What he meant is that opening our heart to people who can’t help us back is a very good thing to do. So, find a charity and give or find a local shelter and give. (Animal shelters work for this exercise too.) The point is to help someone (even an animal) who cannot help you back. Trust me, it feels great; and it will always come back to ten-fold.



  • I can’t tell you what your spirituality should look like. That’s a personal decision that only you can decide. Find a website today that speaks to you and your beliefs of a higher power. If you want to see someone who tackles this in an interesting way, you can check out Panache Desai’s website



  • Watch this video. It will keep you inspired. Share it on your social networks or with friends or family. 


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