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Hi. My name is Danan Whiddon and I’m a former college instructor. I’ve taught at the University of Alabama, Southern Union Community College, and Nashville State Community College. While at the University of Alabama I developed the first online composition courses for active military personnel. I earned my Masters Degree in Early Modern English by studying Shakespeare (and his many contemporaries) and writing about a newly discovered female poet from the 17th century. I’m proud to say that through my work we now know her name (Mary Winchcombe) and a little bit about her life. (Her poem is a famous epitaph in England called,  “I Loved Thee Living and Lament Thee Dead.”)


I am currently homeschooling two students in Brentwood: Neenah age 9, and Kennith age 11. I absolutely love and believe in homeschooling! I’m also excited to bring college level instruction and ideas to homeschool students.



Why I started the “club” – My student Neenah was looking for more opportunities to meet girls her own age and have fun! I am combining this idea with what I see as a need to introduce girls to all kinds of expressive and creative work, including ways to write successfully.


What I’m offering –


  1. Several field trips to meet women who are doing all kinds of creative work in our community -  including a fashion designer, a comedian, and a talent agent.

  2. Writing instruction through journaling, including learning basic writing structures, grammar, and Aristotelian rhetoric.

  3. Book discussions and meeting time.



Why there’s a fee – Our writing time will include instruction in paragraph and essay formation. We will also work on self-editing, and using rhetoric for argument. I will provide several handouts as well as give opportunities for “graded” work. Our field trips have been planned and coordinated with several female business leaders in the community. When the girls meet to discuss readings or club plans, I will coordinate meeting areas at local libraries or businesses.


$125 per child

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