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Dear Parents,


I just wanted to give you all a little background on why I’ve started this club and how passionate I am about Gratitude Journaling.


My background is in education. For years I taught English Composition at the college level and then, through a strange twist of events, I became a private homeschool teacher. (Best job ever!)  I developed a gratitude journal book for homeschoolers during that time (available on Amazon) that my students used during our school year.


I’m all about empowering kids! When I think about the ways that being mindful in gratitude practice has changed my life, I can only imagine how starting earlier in life could have helped empower me at a younger age. (I could have been a stronger young woman who avoided some of the pitfalls of low self-esteem and going with the crowd!) This is one reason I want to share this with kids!


This is how I want to serve the world. Not long ago I just made the decision to do the things I always said were my passions, but had never had the guts to take that final leap of faith into the unknown. Now I have opened my mobile vitamin shop, Sweet Heart Alabama, and have made the commitment to share the power of gratitude and (eventually) meditation with anyone who needs it.


This club is open for ALL! I didn’t feel right using the word “secular” because I may mention higher power and leave that open to whatever that means for your family. It is my honest belief that we can all respect each other’s spiritual journey – no matter what that looks like or is called.


This club is open for all ages. The emails are designed for all age groups. Period. They don’t look like cartoons with silly characters or dancing bunny rabbits, but they aren’t too complicated for anyone to understand either.


Thank you for joining me on this amazing journey!


Thank you for empowering your child with the tools for true success.


Thank you for joining the club!!


Danan Whiddon

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