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The 7-Day Gratitude Class

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The Monday Rush





There are so many negative quotes and songs out there about Mondays. How many times have you or someone you know made a disparaging remark about Mondays? So many people bad mouth Mondays before anything bad happens – practically willing their Monday to suck. Is it that something bad always happens on Mondays? If that were true, we would all stay home, locked inside our houses on Mondays. Sure, Mondays mark the end of the weekend, but they also start the next week that is full of opportunity.



Often, it seems that we feel rushed even before our Monday starts. We rehearse all the conflicts that might happen in the day to come before we even have that first sip of coffee. We think about all the things we have to accomplish in the week ahead and how these things could go wrong. But this Monday will be different! This Monday we will stop the cycle of mindless negativity and begin anew.  This is why getting a good rush of gratitude will really come in handy for your new attitude. Making Mondays count is also a great way to reinforce your new life of gratitude, so make this practice a regular part of every Monday.



We’re going to start today with a quick rush of gratitude. And believe me, it will give you a rush. Starting off the week this way will make the next 6 days amazing! And it’s going to be easier than you think. It just takes a shift in your thinking and a little trust. This is the first day of the rest of your life – and it’s going to be great!


Here are your assignments for the day:


  • Write down 100 things that you are thankful for in your notebook. Yes, 100 things. Don’t give any one thing preference over another. Sure, you may be more thankful for your mom than your toothbrush, but write them both down.



            Here’s how I write these statements in my gratitude journal:



            I am so grateful for _________________________________________________.

            (And I even take the time to write down a reason why.)


            For instance:


            I am so grateful for mom because she makes me coffee whenever I ask.


            I am so grateful for my toothbrush because it keeps my mouth clean.




            Thank you for this amazing apartment. I love living here.


            Thank you for the ability to see. I am so grateful for sight.


            You get the picture. Remember, that you have millions of things to be thankful for (the people you know, your physical and            

emotional abilities,    everything that has happened in the past, every friend and pet you’ve ever had, every bone in your body, every beautiful thin you’ve ever seen, every song you’ve ever liked…..etc.), so 100 things to start off with will be no problem.


  • Pay it Forward by calling someone you love and telling them that. Don’t say that you’re doing it as an assignment. Just say that you love them during the conversation. You could even text that to a loved-one.  If this is an easy assignment for you, then great, we’ll have more challenges as the week goes along. If this is something impossible for you – for whatever reason, I want you to either pretend that you are calling someone you love and telling them or I want you to call yourself and tell that wonderful person how much you love them. Yes. I mean it.



            Play around on it – and tell me what you think.



  • Watch this video. It will keep you inspired. Share it on your social networks or with friends or family. 




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