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My Philosophy of Wellness


            I grew up eating the most amazing homegrown foods. My grandparents had a rather large garden every summer where they grew rows and rows of corn, cantaloupe, peas, butter beans, squash, and most importantly, watermelon. I had no idea how “food rich” we were back then. My granddaddy and I would walk through the watermelon patch every summer day and pick out a long green striped watermelon and bust it right there on the ground. He would cut out the heart (the best part with no seeds) and we would eat it right there in the garden leaving the rest to rot. Imagine doing that now with your $8 store bought watermelon!


            As time went by, the food we ate changed. It became easier and sometimes cheaper to buy food than make it or grow it ourselves. How great technology was! But we had no idea that the new processed foods on our plates were harming us. Our food wasn’t the thing we put our sweat and love into – it became the thing that other people carelessly cooked and slung at us - or just something unrecognizable from a box. 


            Through those years I lost touch with the importance of food and the people who prepare it. I forgot about a lot of things that were really important. But there were little lights trying to get through – lights like friends who insisted on eating well and shopping at new places like Whole Foods. Then there was Food, Inc.  – an amazing documentary about where our food actually comes from and who is actually in control of it. That video scared me straight! Since then, I have been trying to correct all the harm I have done by eating without thinking. And I’ve tried to convince others too.


            Now I believe that everything we put in our bodies is either doing us harm or good; there is no in-between.  And I believe that it is our God given right to eat healthy food.  And we’d have healthy food if we hadn’t allowed companies and scientists to play God with it in the pursuit of obscene profits. What did we get from pimping out our own food supply?


            It’s a very short road from our backward thinking on food to similar mistakes with our health care. Much of this backward thinking started with Germ Theory. Of course we are not sterile beings who sometimes get invaded by germs – we are (as all peoples connected to nature have always known) part of the earth, co-existing with good bacteria and organisms that live in and around us.  We really messed up when we allowed scientists and doctors to convince us of our other-ness from nature. That is the essential problem with Germ Theory and it’s what our entire modern medical system is based on – a lie. It’s also the way that pharmaceutical companies make billions and billions while causing more problems than they cure.


            There is a reason that we naturally have more bacterial cells in our bodies than human cells…because that is the way we are supposed to exist. That is the way God made us. We are supposed to be a part of the world around us. And that world is supposed to be natural and healthy.  My philosophy is based on the truth that we must get back to our natural state. And I believe that the only way to do that is through love for ourselves and for those that live after us. We have to be brave enough now to stand up for who we really are. That starts with knowing what we put in our bodies and how those things heal or hurt us. It’s time. Nothing else will matter until we right this wrong.  Let’s start with this one thing and see how much we can heal.



Danan Whiddon

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