Who are you?

Have you ever stopped to think who you are? Are you so used to presenting yourself as the person you have been told you are that you no longer think past your assigned designation to your true self?

For instance, you are: insert given name here. You are the son or daughter of: insert names of parents here. You grew up in: insert town name here. You work as an: insert job title here.

Now stop and think for a second. Do any of these things explain who you are?

Actually you are not ANY of these things. You are something that can’t be labeled. In fact, there’s no name that can describe your awesome being-ness. As this spiritual being of light, you have infinite power beyond your consciousness of the labels you’ve been assigned.

So, how do you get past the muck and into the clear light of things? By thinking AND feeling. I call it The Neurotransversal. But that’s just a label for this thing that makes us really powerful. (More on that later.)

As the awesome spirit being that you are, all you have to do is think your highest thoughts and then FEEL them at the same time. The funny thing is that you are already doing that Sub-consciously. And some of those thoughts/feelings are not very good for you or the world (reality) around you. Those low frequency thoughts/feelings are keeping you from knowing who you really are. Really.

So, who are you really? Once you are aware of your thoughts and feelings you will be all that closer to discovering.

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