Hope and New Orleans by Sally Asher - The History You Haven't Heard

Sally Asher’s history of New Orleans street names is a must-have for locals and visitors alike. Makes a great gift!!!

If you know what it means to miss New Orleans or if you plan on visiting the City That Care Forgot, then Hope and New Orleans is a must read.

Hope and New Orleans gives more than just a detailed and entertaining history of New Orleans street names; it’s a testament to the people who love New Orleans. It’s one of those books that’s been needed for years, decades even. Sally Asher, with great care and a charming sense of local humility and humor, explains why New Orleans street names are so wonderful and confusing. This book is more than just a historical reference. It’s a true love song to the city – past, present, and future.

For me, the book brought back memories of my years in the Crescent City. I loved reading about Tchoupitoulas, Iberville, Bourbon, St. Charles, and Poydras streets. (There are so many other streets covered in the book, it would be impossible to name them all.) If you have a favorite street in New Orleans, odds are that Asher has mentioned it.

Not only is this book a great reference and historical document, it's a great gift idea as well - so buy two!

Hope & New Orleans by Sally Asher. The History Press, 2014. $29.80 on Amazon. ($9.99 on Kindle). ISBN 978.1.62619.053.5

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