I May Never Be This Cool Again

What makes someone cool? Is it clothes, money, charisma? When I think of what makes someone cool, I think of someone just being genuine.

Being truly authentic is being cool. Whatever is really you, is what makes you cool.

By the way, that must mean that “hip” is the opposite of “cool.”

I found this old picture of me that captures my coolest moment.

And it makes me wonder: what am I doing now to try to be cool instead of just doing what feels right for me? I need to spend more time just being me – instead of those silly little things that I think make me look cool.

That’s the trick isn’t it – to be as comfortable with yourself as an adult as you were as a child.

So there I was: 5 years old in my Jaws t-shirt and plaid pants eating steak and fries while sitting on a saddle in the living room of my trailer. I may never be that cool again. But maybe one day I’ll be close.

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