Commit to Yourself - Being Authentic

Since thoughts are things, what you think about yourself is pretty damn important. Have you ever wondered why people always pick up on - and treat us - the way we THINK OF OURSELVES no matter what airs we put on? It’s because those powerful thoughts are stronger than our clothes, our jewelry, our makeup, our cars - all of it.

Authenticity is being true to yourself in spite of the world around you. It’s realizing that your thoughts about yourself are the more important part of participating in this great adventure.

It’s scratching your ass when it itches – no matter who is around. It’s speaking your mind. It’s knowing yourself – your strengths and weaknesses. But it’s so much more than that.

Being authentic means that you have to wash off all your other crap and be your bright shining self. And it’s harder to live this way because people feel more comfortable around your crap than your light. When you are squeaky clean and crap-free, it forces people to look at themselves and see their own crap…and well, that’s uncomfortable for them, and they will react towards you. At you.

See, it’s ok for the Dali Lama to be a perfect embodiment of love – he’s wearing a robe and he’s got that accent. But presented with someone like us who is walking the path of authenticity, we get mad and think – who the fuck does she think she is? (And the easiest way to fight someone’s authenticity is to make fun of it, isn’t it?) </