Trigger Warnings


Trigger Warning: This article may cause anxiety in those not able to think for themselves or who choose to blame the world around them for an inability to cope with other people’s ideas.

The latest ridiculous thing I’ve seen coming from Academia is the “Trigger Warning.” Yes, those great brains – supposedly intelligent people - believe they need a warning before reading anything that might upset them or remind them of anything troublesome.


A fucking Trigger Warning?

Here’s an idea: if you find yourself easily bothered by someone else’s ideas, then STOP reading.

Life is harsh. It contains other people (good and bad) and their ideas. At the end of it you die – probably not peacefully. It’s a fucking brutal trip. No one has the time or the responsibility to warn you that their words or ideas just might bother your precious candy ass. Everyone has shit to deal with. It’s a matter of personal responsibility to deal with your own shit. No one has to tip toe around you because you are fucking useless.

Perhaps you’d like a warning on the inside of doors that says, “Warning: if not raining, then the sun may be shining outside. You may want to wear sunglasses past this point.”

Perhaps you are so fucking helpless that you need a warning that when that sun sets it will be dark outside. Oohh scary.

Perhaps you need to be alerted to the possibility that once the night is over, that the sun will rise and then you might need those sunglasses again.

Truly intelligent people have strong minds. And it’s always a struggle to have a strong mind. It involves building character along with intelligence. And guess what: we’ve all had bad shit happen in our lives. Just because self-reliance doesn’t come easy for you shouldn’t mean that you make everyone around you temper their words and ideas because you might get upset. Grow the fuck up.

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