Jesus and Spikenard Oil


I had never heard of Spikenard until I took a “Healing Oils of the Bible” class. In fact, I had never really thought of any specific oils used during Biblical times or what uses they might have. I always thought that when oil was mentioned in the Bible, it always meant olive oil. Yes, I had the impression that all that anointing was being done with just olive oil since that was the main oil mentioned. Olive oil is great, but it didn’t seem all that special in a spiritual sense.

Aromatic or essential oil is a totally different thing, though. Fatty oils, like olive oil are oils made by the plants to feed their seeds ( or nuts). Essential oils are the very circulatory juice of the plant. It is this oil that is the “Essence” of the plant. The molecules of this type of oil are much smaller, meaning that they are easier to absorb and they carry through the air. The 12 or so of these oils that are mentioned in the Bible are from plants that God gave us to stay healthy.