My Resolutions for 2016 - in Gratitude Style

On today's show I mentioned making New Year's Resolutions in the style of a Gratitude journal, which makes them all that more powerful. When we give our words (especially the ones we write) a positive frequency we are literally making those statements come true. You actually DO get what you ask for. So, with that in mind, here is my list written in Gratitude style.

1. Thank you so much that I am spending more time at the BEACH and travelling to places I want to see.

2. I am so grateful that I am spending more time with my family and my horse.

3. I am so grateful that my Bless Your Heart business and podcast are helping people and are wildly successful.

4. Thank you for safe and reliable transportation always.

5. Thank you that my Nurses Gratitude book and all my other ebooks are finished and helping people.

6. Thank you for the best health ever!

7. I am so grateful for fulfilling and healthy relationships with all of humankind.

8. Thank you for allowing me to help people.

9. Thank you for perfect finances.

10. I am so grateful that 2016 is the best year ever.

Thank You Thank You Thank You

I'd really love to hear about your resolutions and share them with others on the show!!!

Send them to me here - you could be the inspiration for someone else to have a great year!

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