You ARE Your Thoughts and Actions

We all know the familiar sayings, "As you sow, so shall you reap" or "You get what you give" or "You are what you think." Well, they're true and we know it instictively. And yet, we still sometimes get stuck in a rut of negative feelings, thoughts, and actions. In the back of our minds, we know that our frequency makes our reality and we still walk around complaining and being little black clouds of negativity, affecting not only ourselves, but others around us.....and the Universe.

Yes, sometimes things just suck. BUT, it's our job as conscious adults to make the most of ALL situations. We are here to be warriors in this life, not victims. Have you seen a "feel good story" lately on the news of someone who has overcome an obstacle only to win big on the other end. Well guess what? That is everyone's story. We connect with those stories because they tug at our heartstrings and make us do the "happy cry." The truth is that all of us are here to be ther HERO of our own stories.

Know that every cause has an effect - every single time. This is a universal law. Whatever you put out every day is EXACTLY what you will get back. Always. And sometimes we need a reminder of it.

So, who are you? If you're not sure, allow me to tell you exactly who you are. You are all of your thoughts and, consequently, all of your actions. If I ever want to get to know someone I watch their actions closely. (I don't just take for granted that someone will be aware of or honest about their thoughts.......but their actions will always give them away.) You can say whatever you like, but your actions tell the world what you are really about.

Sometimes it's easy to fool yourself about who you are. You may talk a good game, even to yourself. Maybe you've got great excuses for yourself and the world around you. But watch what you do - what you've been doing in this life. This is who you are. Period.

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