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Student Comments

"Ms. Whiddon wows me all the time with new ideas, viewpoints, and thinking outside the box."

"I really enjoyed taking this course. Although I have missed a few days, I believe I can still do well and my teacher, Ms. Whiddon has encouraged me to not give up and gravitate towards a brighter future for my life. I am very proud that my teacher has done such a great job helping me succeed through the course."

"Ms. Whiddon is quite possible one of the best teachers I’ve had. She genuinely has compassion for each of her students, no matter how much of a class clown they may be. Her classroom is a fantastic learning environment. It is quite evident that she has a passion for teaching. You really feel like she wants you to succeed."

"I just want to say THANK YOU very much!!! I really enjoyed this course with you. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Ms. Whiddon Rocks!"

"Ms. Whiddon is an amazing woman and an even better teacher. Her class is the only class I’ve ever actually wanted to attend. She makes her class interesting, fun loving, and carefree. A fun environment where students aren’t fearful of their teacher and actually like them is the absolute best. I would recommend my friends take her class."

"Professor Whiddon is a fantastic instructor and she made me excited about my education."

"She’s amazing."

"Great Teacher!"

"Ms. Whiddon is an excellent teacher. She truly cares about the progress and education of her students and is always looking for ways to help her students better understand her teaching. Definitely one of my favorite teachers."

"Danan Whiddon, was amazing.  She created the best environment in class for teaching and made us, as students, like the class. She gave us some times for fun and other more serious time to be able to work hard and pass the class with good grades. These days, we do not see many instructors who care and give their time and interests to their students like she did and still doing. For that reason, I recommend her for all students who are taking this class, whether English was their first or second language. I was an (English Second Language) student and she was the best for me, and so I imagine that is how she would be for native English speakers."

"Oh how I loved this class! I have truly never been more challenged in the writing, the reading, and the class discussions. I loved hearing other people's points of views to stretch my thinking. Having a safe place to grow in learning is something so special. In a college setting it is nice not to be spoon fed ideas, but really be challenged to think. The amount of work was completely manageable, and the class was a delight."

"Thank you Ms. Whiddon for helping us realize our full potential. You are one of the most caring, devoted, engaging teachers I have ever met."

"This course was amazing and I really enjoyed it. This class helped me explore new ways of thinking and I am really thankful for the opportunity to join in and participate in the class."

"I would recommend this course along with Ms. Whiddon."

​ "Great  teacher with a great personality and excellent when dealing with so many different students from diverse background and social, religious, and racial views. Great Job!"

"Excellent teacher. Has a deep care for students and really promotes learning."

"I loved Ms. Whiddon's teaching style. It was an interesting class."

"Great Teacher!!!"

"She is an amazing and helpful teacher. I like her method of teaching. She makes me feel comfortable while asking questions. She always makes sure I understand and I would take her class again."

"Professor Whiddon is the best teacher I have ever had. She is inspiring, charismatic, and knows the proper way to teach."

"I enjoyed this class. It has been one of my favorite classes throughout my college experience. The teacher is great and the subject and what it focuses on is great for everyone to know. I would recommend this class to future students."

" I love the readings my instructor assigned. I loved this class."

"I felt the class had a positive impact on my life."

"Professor Whiddon has an amazing talent of getting her students excited to participate in discussions. She made each of us think outside our own boxes and helped us articulate new ideas. This was a great class."

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