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The 7-Day Gratitude Class

A One-Week Course to Detox Your Attitude

And Change Your Life Forever




Sunday Sundae



I hope you take some time today to really appreciate your work this week. Today you will give yourself a little credit. You deserve it. Today is all about you. Since this is the last day of our course, I am using Sunday as a day to empower you to continue on this amazing journey of gratitude.


Sundays are typically a day of rest, but today you will also consider and appreciate yourself. It’s not about bragging, it’s about being thankful for the gifts you have and the gifts you are able to share with others. Remember some great, kind, thoughtful things you have done in your life. Think about the times that you have helped someone, made someone laugh, even smiled at a stranger.


If this is your last day of this gratitude course – you know have so much to be thankful, but you also have so much to look forward to. You have started something that will make your life better – and things are only looking up. Give yourself credit for that. There’s a reason today is called “Sunday Sundae” – because living life with gratitude is a real treat – with cherries on top.




Here is your last assignment for the week:


  • Write down 100 things about yourself that you are grateful for. Here are some suggestions: your eyes, your legs, your ears, your job, your smile, your laugh, your ability to love, your great driving skills, your awesome talent at cooking…….you get the picture.  Include the times you have been helpful and kind. Include the times you have learned something. Include everything!



  • Pay it Forward by doing something nice for yourself. Yes, I’m serious. Take a bubble bath, a nap, go shopping, buy yourself an actual Sundae, a car. Whatever you have been longing to do for yourself – do it today. If it’s taking a trip to Bali, then set the date and search for tickets. Just take that step for you.



  • Check out this website dedicated to self-confidence. Let me know what you think.



  • Watch this video on body language.  It will keep you inspired. Share it on your social networks and with friends. 

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