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The 7-Day Gratitude Class

A One-Week Course to Detox Your Attitude

And Change Your Life Forever





The End

is Just

The Beginning



Congratulations on completing this course. And THANK YOU!  I’m honored that you took this course. I’m grateful that this little course has helped someone have a happier life, and I hope you spread the word about the power of Gratitude to those around you.


There are so many ways to continue the practice – on your own or by reading books, watching documentaries, or going to other websites dedicated to the practice of gratitude. I hope you continue the adventure.


The wonderful life that awaits you is your Certificate of Completion for this course.  Feel free to share your story of gratitude with me. I would very much like to hear from you.









I leave you with this amazing poem, "The Laughing Heart" written by Charles Bukowski and read by Tom Waits.  

                                                                   Thank you!  







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