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Thankful Thursday






If you are alive today, then there have been many, many, many things to be thankful for in your past. Think about all the times things could have gone wrong, but didn’t. My guess is that, like me, you have so many moments of good luck and/or providence, that you can’t even list them all. We’ve all had close calls. And we are all here to tell the tale. We’ve survived.


Even more than that, we’ve all had good people come into our lives along the way. We’ve had great pets, and even great days that we remember. Good things have happened to us.


Today is about remembering things from your past to be grateful for. ALL things. Don’t discriminate. Anything or anyone that you can be thankful for can be included on the list. That could be your favorite toy as a child, that summer camp you loved, friends in every grade of school, your best hair days – whatever.


You may even choose to see the good side of something from your past that you have not considered before. If you do, please include that in your list of things you are grateful for. And remember that forgiveness is something you do for yourself.



Here are your assignments for the day:



  • Write down 100 things from your past that you are grateful for. Remember that this can include anything, event, person, etc. You may also want to say WHY you are grateful for this.



  • Pay if Forward by looking over that list and finding one person listed that you have never thanked before. Now call, email, or write a letter to that person thanking him or her for their help way back then. If that person has passed on, write that person a letter and keep it with your gratitude journal. I have a feeling that somehow it will get to them anyway.




  • Check out this website dedicated to forgiveness. Play around on it – and tell me what you think.  





  • Watch this video. It will help you meditate to forgive. Please share it with others who you think could benefit from forgiving someone in their life. This video is NOT easy the first few times you try it. It’s based on the Hawaiian practice on Ho’oponopono. 

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