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The 7-Day Gratitude Class

A One-Week Course to Detox Your Attitude

And Change Your Life Forever










Now that you have the hang of writing down the things you are grateful for, we are going to kick it up a notch – just to prove you’re serious about this gratitude thing. Believe me, the more you are grateful for, the better things will be in your life. The real secret of happiness is gratitude – and this week will prove that for you.


Today we are going to double our efforts! If, for any reason, you are feeling a bit overwhelmed at this point, remember that you’ve certainly got nothing to lose by writing some things down; and I promise you, you really have everything to gain. So, keep going!


We will start to organize all of those gratitude statements (new and old) into easy categories. This will help you get to your 200 goal today. This may mean that you write things as they come to you – during the day – all day. That’s ok; just get in the 200 when you can. (Even if you have to stay up a bit tonight.)


I find that once I get started thinking about the things I am grateful for, it’s hard to stop. The time consuming part (but yes, it’s very important) is writing these things down, or typing them if you are using your computer or tablet for the course.




Here are your assignments for the day:


  • Write down 200 things you are thankful for in your notebook. To organize these things, you may want to label each page with a category. For instance: Health, Family, Friends, Work, Play, Nature, Mind, Money, Education, Spirituality, etc…



Remember to always keep your statements positive – always. This is very important in the whole idea of gratitude. Keep it pure. Just be thankful. You don’t have to analyze anything – and you certainly shouldn’t put any restrictions on what you write. For instance, “I am thankful for my sister, even though she is a total bitch sometimes” is NOT a statement of gratitude, and is a total time-waster. You won’t get anything positive in your life for saying this. You have to give positive to get positive. I didn’t make the rules – it’s just how things work.




  • Pay it Forward by making a donation. If the best way for you to do this is online, I suggest you play around on Indiegogo or Kickstarter and find something that interests you and then give $1 or $100 – whatever feels right for you. But give – today.




               Check out this website. Play around on it – and tell me what you think.




                Watch this video. It will keep you inspired. Share it on your social networks or with friends or family.    



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