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Wishful Wednesday




For our purposes, Wednesday is not “hump day” since there’s no real hump to get over. For us, Wednesday is an entire day of wishes. Here’s where gratitude can have real magic in our lives. The trick is to already be thankful for the things you want!


Many gratitude books and sites will tell you to make a “vision board” of things that you want – big houses, luxury cars, millions of dollars, etc. I think this is a great (and fun) thing to do if you want. Lots of people do this on their Pinterest page. (I have a secret vision board on my Pinterest page too!)


Today, just think of the things you want that you do not have right now. You are actually going to ask for these things by using gratitude – by FEELING thankful for these things.


It’s very important to remember that you must keep your statements 100% positive. It does no good to write out the things you don’t want. For instance, if you would like to have a healthy, thin body, then don’t write, “I want to get rid of my muffin top and fat ass.” That kind of statement only puts more energy into muffin tops and fat asses. Instead, think of how grateful you are for that body you are visualizing – as if you already have it!  Imagine! It works.



Here are your assignments for the day:


  • Write down 10 things that you want. It may seem that this will be the easiest day, but you have to think hard and be very specific about these things. You may want to only include one thing from each category of life. For instance, think of one thing you want in your career, with your family life, your friendships, your car, your home, your body, your mind, your spirituality, your money, and please leave one thing that you would like for the world.


Remember, you don’t want to say, “I want a nice black Jeep – the Call of Duty Edition.” What you want to say (and feel) instead is “I am so grateful for my new Call of Duty Edition Black Jeep. It feels so good driving it around town. I love the way the seats feel and the way the steering wheel feels in my hands.”


This is you making your order to the Universe (I like to call it God). I really don’t care what you call it – and as long as you are using Gratitude, I don’t think God minds too much either.


  • Pay it Forward by paying yourself! Today you are going to set some money aside (either in an envelope or your savings account) for one of the things on your list. It doesn’t matter which one, just making that first, even tiny step will start the cosmic ball rolling for you. If you want a new car, start an envelope with a dollar to pay for that car. And keep putting a dollar or two in the envelope when you can. Don’t worry about the logistics – just make the effort. You never know what could happen with that envelope.



  • Watch this video. It will keep you inspired. Share it on your social networks or with friends or family. 

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